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    Body Shaping
    Erő- és állóképességfejlesztő, valamint dinamikus koreografált elemeket tartalmazó edzésforma.

    Az óra során blokkokban dolgozunk, ahol egy blokk egy step-padon megtanult részt (koreográfiát), és az azt követő erősítő gyakorlatokat jelenti. Többnyire kettő, három blokk fér egy órába. A koreografált rész nem bonyolult, táncos, pörgős-forgós lépéseket jelent a kezdő csoportban, hanem alaplépésekből összerakott mozgássort. Haladó csoportban, a rutinosabb vendégekkel igény szerint a bonyolultabb mozgássorok összeállítására is van lehetőség.

    Az erősítő részben több eszközzel dolgozunk és saját testsúlyos gyakorlatokat végzünk. Az óra tetőpontja a koreografált részek összefűzése, amelyet aztán a fennmaradó idő függvényében többször elvégzünk. Az óra utolsó tizenöt percében talajgyakorlatokat végzünk, és minden edzést a jól megérdemelt nyújtással zárunk le.

    Positive effect
    • Gyorsítja az anyagcserét,
    • hosszabb zsírégetést segíti,
    • fejleszti az egyensúlyt és a koordinációs képességet,
    • izomfejlesztésre is kiválóan alkalmas.
  • Cross-training

    Agility ladder
    Training enhancing running skills and developing not frequently used muscles.

    Cross training enhances your running performance as it puts the emphasis on muscles you use less during running.

    Strengtheneing of the upper-body, especially core-muscles, helps have the proper posture during running. Core muscles are essential not only because of their place, but their role as well, as these muscles ensure the stability of our spine.

    At our trainings we mostly do exercises with own-weight, free weights and cardio-style. Besides we use several athletic tools (coordination ladder, mini-hurdle). These help develop our speed, coordination and strength.

    Everybody doing endurance sport can implement it into their weekly routine, and have all the advantages of this training in their loved sport!

    Positive effect
    • Perfect training for triatlonists, runners
    • improving running performance,
    • strengthening muscle strains,
    • posture correction,
    • improving strength and stamina.
  • Intervall-training

    Training room with tools
    Aerob training with varied, high intensity drills combined with muscle strengthening exercises. A real whole body workout.

    Intervall training is not just the quickest but the most entertaining way of fat burning. It also improves stamina and muscle strength. 80% of the movements are aerob and 20% is a combination of aerob and strengthening exercises for the better fat burning effect. 

    The class is a variation of mid/high intensity periods and resting time. Resting time doesn't mean full stop, lower intensity movements are still going on through that period.

    Intesity could be adjusted personally so this class is suitable for everybody.

    Positive effect
    • Fat burning,
    • improving stamina,
    • improving circulation,
    • wellbeing,
    • muscle improvement for every muscle groups.
  • Kettlebell

    Strengthening, weightloss training

    With the movement of heavy iron balls you can build up your strength and stamina and meanwhile your concentration and muscle balance is improving aswell. You can really push your limits in this type of training with the guidance of our trainers. In the classes you will learn the kettlebell techniques and the basics of lifting which will be very useful in sports or every day life.

    Positive effect
    • Strengthening
    • Improving conditions such as backache, limited range of joint movements or circulation problems
    • Fat burning
  • Kranking

    Indoor music training, high intensity, cardio-style focusing on upper body.

    Kranking is the first training that focuses on training the upper body. It is a perfect strength training, also applicable to train para-athletes and wheelchairers.

    It means a new alternative to develop aerob capacity, upper body strenthening, calory-burning while offloading legs. As a cross-circuit-training, it can be used as a supplementary training to all kinds of sport

    Positive effect
    • Strengthens body muscles,
    • improves blood circulation,
    • helps forming tonic muscles, 
    • it is a perfect alternative to improve coordination after brain-injuries.
  • Personal-training

    personal training tools

    At personal trainings all the attention of the trainer is yours, in order to provide the perfectly suitable training to you. Technical development and improving movement quality will be faster as well as developing of coordination skills. Your trainer will plan learning how to use the different sport tools from the easiest to the most complex. There is also a possibility to develop sport-specific skills at these trainings.


    Positive effect
    • prevention and pre-habilitation are focused at,
    • development of movemt coordination and general skills,
    • tailor-fitted intensity of training,
    • development of general fittness and strength,
    • your movement and moving system will develop in harmony with your lifestyle,
    • improving general being and self-confidence,
    • precise movement and body-sensing.
  • Pilates

    Motion system focusing on strengthening and stretching of deep-strained muscles, a training moving the whole body.

    Pilates is a movement system that focuses on the strengthening and stretching of muscles, also it moves from the up to the bottom, all the body. It is made of slow and graceful movements, the exercises have their effects as they are compiled in a sequential order to enhance one another. Special breathing technique completes and harmonises with the movements, improving this way concentration and effectiveness.


    Positive effect
    •  Joints become more mobile and healty, 
    • posture defects and locomotor complaints reduce or, in ideal cases, cease
    • your bodyshape will improve, your body will be muscular,  lithe and beautiful with Pilates
    • trains heart- and blood circulation,
    • improves lung capacity due to the special breathing technique,
    • restores muscle-balances,
    • helps concentration not only in sport but in your days as well.
  • Spinning

    Indoor, guided bikeriding exercises with music

    Spinning is the best for you if you need something or somebody to motivate you in your workout but you like to set the pace by yourself. Spinning is a very good option for people who don't like to train alone, or getting tired or bored quickly and stop working out. There is no strict coreography, easy movements and basic rhythmes you have to follow through the session. A suitable class for everybody.


    Positive effect
    • Best fat burning workout,
    • high intensity class, increased sweating which helps detoxification,
    • improving circulation system, strengthening the heart,
    • improved oxigentransport capacity of blood,
    • better stamina and bigger vitalcapacity of lungs,
    • strengthening of knee joint and tendons,
    • de-stessing effects,
  • Stretching

    Stretching, training to develop joint mobility

    A complex stretching and strengthening training for the full musculature. It helps develop flexibility of muscles, and apart from regenerating joints, it also enhances their range of motion.

    We offer this training to those who are doing sport regulary as stretching loosens musculature, results in coordinated movement and helps body-consciousness. Also redusces the risk of injuries and muscle strain.

    Relaxation stretching is a complex exercise that balances our physical and mental levels. Practising tranquility, slow and loose movements results in well-balanced mental and physical status that is indispensable for regeneration and relaxation.


    Positive effect
    • Better general being, 
    • enhances muscle flexiility and looseness,
    • improves relaxed length of muscles and by these develops stamina
    • helps loosen stiff muscles,
    • improves blood supply in muscles, helps faster regeneration,
    • helps mental relaxation,
    • it has important role in avoiding sport injuries (strains and spains),
    • by its regular use, possibility of tenditis and periostitis reduces,
    • stretching is highy recommended for those doing seated-work so they can avoid or decrease the possibliity of locomotor complaints.
  • TRX

    TRX is a full-body resistance training.

    TRX is a workout with a personal body weight, where natural movements of the body are in focus. Training sessions are carried out on a tripod suspended strap that can be used to perform personalized exercises. TRX strengthens body skeletal muscles, and the extensive use of the devices helps muscle building, muscle balance, performance gain, and stability. If you are looking for a challenge and would like to have an overall train of your muscles, then it is the right place for you! 


    Positive effect
    • It enhances strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility and the stability of the core muscles (abdomen, pelvis, buttocks, back and chest),
    • strengthens the heart and circulatory system,
    • accelerates metabolism,
    • increases strength and balance while developing muscle strength,
    • stress-easing,
    • helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • Womanizer

    Tools for womanizer
    Teljes testet erősítő és formáló óratípus csak nőknek, ahol a has, láb és a popsi van fókuszban.

    A Womanizer nem aerobik jellegű óra, inkább női köredzés.

    Az órán megtanuljuk a gyakorlatok helyes kivitelezését saját testsúllyal és egyéb eszközzel (fitball, kettlebell, TRX, tárcsa, súlyzórúd).

    Az órák során a fő hangsúlyt a láb, a fenék és a has kapja, de az esztétika érdekében a felsőtestről sem feledkezünk meg.

    Az órákon rövid bemelegítéssel felkészítjük az izmokat és ízületeket a fő gyakorlatokra. A bemelegítés alatt is végzünk dinamikus feladatokat a keringés fokozása érdekében. A fő gyakorlatok fókusza a has, láb és a popsi, viszont emellett hangsúlyt kapnak a mélyizmok és a gerincmerevítő izmok is, hiszen nem izolált, hanem összetett gyakorlatokkal dolgozunk. Így a rendszeres látogatók nem csak a kritikus pontokon számíthatnak fejlődésre, a kondíciójuk és a testtartásuk is javulni fog. Igazán vonzóvá nemcsak a kerek idomok teszik a nőket, hanem a szép tartás és az energikus megjelenés. Mindenki a saját tempójában a neki megfelelő súllyal dolgozik. Itt nem a mennyiség hanem a minőség számít. Ezen az órán nincs ember, aki ne tanulna meg helyesen guggolni vagy szabályosan plankelni. A womanizer egy óra minden olyan lánynak, nőnek, aki formálódni, izmosodni szeretne a kritikus területeken.

    Positive effect
    • Kifejezetten nőknek szóló köredzés a formásabb idomokért,
    • kritikus területek formálása: láb, fenék, has,
    • keringés fokozása,
    • általános kondíció és testtartás javulás.


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